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SkiBro's Ski Instructors and Ski Schools - La Plagne

A huge international resort, La Plagne is home to some of the best ski schools and freelance ski instructors in the world.  Amongst our providers you'll find the best in group lessons and private lessons for children and adults alike.  Lessons are offered in English, French and a host of other languages  - with flexible meeting points around La Plagne's different villages including Plagne Centre, Plagne 1800, Belle Plagne and Plagne Bellecote - La Plagne's ski schools and instructors cover it all!

SkiBro's top schools in La Plagne are:

ESF La Plagne: Since 1945, the ESF (Ecole du Ski Français) have taught children and adults the most effective way of learning to ski and improving techniques. As an organisation responsible for over 17,000 instructors, the ESF are constantly adapting their expertise, benefits and overall service to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry. With many of the instructors now widely travelled during the summer, the education and knowledge of other languages, especially English, has improved the relationships with families and individuals that have consistently trusted ESF as the number 1 ski school for tuition, fun and mountain knowledge.

El Pro: El Pro ski school is friendly and welcoming with a warm atmosphere and ‘human’ touch. They go out of their way to make sure that your holidays run smoothly and that you get the best from them. Run and directed by a team who are passionate about the mountains, El Pro's mission strive to be the answer to all of your questions.  From children’s Kindergarten right up to private off-piste lessons, the El Pro team are here to help you whatever your skiing ability. In terms of freelance ski instructors,

La Plagne is the epitome of a buyer's market with some of the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and experienced professionals in the industry. Whether you're after children's group ski lessons, teen group ski lessons, adult group ski lessons, beginner ski lessons, off-piste clinics, group snowboard lessons, private ski lessons or anything in between - SkiBro has the perfect instructor or class for you!  

Guide to Skiing and Snowboarding in La Plagne

La Plagne's reputation is as something of an intermediate's paradise and indeed it is blessed with oodles of open, cruisy blue pistes, perfect for building confidence and improving technique. What's perhaps less well-known (and it sounds odd to say that there could be anything "secret" about the world's most popular resort), is that the La Plagne is also home so some seriously epic off piste terrain. For serious off piste skiers and snowboarders, the North Face of Bellecote is about as big a challenge as anything you'll find in the Alps- well worth hiring a guide or instructor who knows its vast array of couloirs and ramps, for an unforgettable 2000m descent to Peisey.  La Plagne has also been featured on many "Best Resorts for Beginners" lists and offers a low-cost 'Cool Ski Pass' for those learning to ski for the first time, and refreshers who want to build their confidence back up.  

Top tips from La Plagne's Best Ski and Snowboard Instructors:

  • If you like powder, grab an instructor or guide and head straight up the Arpette chair after a snowfall - you'll usually be able to get some good hot-laps in before many other people catch on.
  • If you're after beginner or intermediate snowboard lessons, La Plagne is the perfect resort as it's home to a lot of low-gradient, wide pistes.
  • If you have children make sure to book in advance for holiday ski lessons - Chamonix can get busy at half term and Christmas. Don't miss out on getting the spot you want!
  • Instead of bringing your own skis or snowboard from home you can hire your ski kit online from a shop like Intersport to make sure you have the season's best ski gear waiting for you when you arrive in resort - easy peasy!


SkiBro's Activities in La Plagne

Ski Lessons

For the vast majority of us on a winter holiday, skiing is the cornerstone of the whole holiday.  For those learning to ski for the first time, either as kids or adults, having the right instructor is absolutely crucial. The right instructor can make the difference between igniting a lifelong love affair with the mountains and never wanting to do it again! Mastering the basics and getting to a level where you are able to ski around the mountain is a truly magical journey.  

Snowboard Lessons

Maybe you surf, skate or wakeboard. Perhaps you just like standing sideways on the bus. If you’re new to the mountains and not sure what to do, our guess is that there’s a snowboard with your name on it. Finding the right snowboard instructor will help you progress faster than you thought possible. Get it wrong and what should be the very best part of the best holiday of your year could be a chore. The same applies when booking into a snowboard group. The right group snowboard course at the right level makes all the difference and who knows, you could meet a bunch of like-minded folks who you end up riding with for the rest of your life!  

Telemark Lessons

Telemark skiing is a technique that involves skiing on regular skis fitted with special bindings which are fixed only at the toe but free at the heel. More challenging than alpine skiing, telemarking gives the thighs a real workout. The learning curve is steeper than alpine skiing and for this reason, telemarking often appeals to those that that have been skiing for years and are in search of a new approach and a fresh challenge.  

Freeride Skiing and Snowboarding

Considered by those who get into it as skiing in its purest (and most fun!) form, freeride (also known as off piste or backcountry) skiing is the pursuit of skiing all over the mountain, unrestricted by the edge of the piste in a variety of snow conditions. Once mastered, skiing in powder snow is a sensation so sublime it makes sane, responsible adults abandon a normal, responsible life in pursuit of more of the soft stuff.  Once upon a time freeride skiing was the preserve of only very experienced skiers. But recent advances in ski design have meant that skiing off piste is now accessible to a much wider range of skiers than it was in the days of long narrow skis. Hire a private off-piste ski instructor or mountain guide, or join a freeride-focused group with one of our ski schools and start your off piste adventure!  

Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding

Freestyle means many things to many people. It takes place in a variety of different arenas. The terrain park (also known as a snow park) is a dedicated area that now pretty much every ski area has at least one of – some areas have several – made up of man-made jumps (kickers), rails and all manner of other features, possibly including a halfpipe. The objective is to interact with these features as creatively as possible, doing spins and flips in the air or sliding/tapping the rails with the skis.  

Ski Touring / Splitboarding

Ski touring is the fastest-growing discipline in skiing and with good reason! If you are a keen off piste skier but lament the frenzy on lift-accessed a powder day or find yourself peering into the distance wondering what it would be like to ski that distant peak, then read on - ski touring could be for you! Ski touring involves the use of specially designed equipment that enables you to walk uphill with your skis on your feet, covering long distances and climbing considerable altitudes to get to slopes which would ordinarily be out of reach. Climbing skins are applied to the base of the ski, whose directional fibres enable the ski to glide uphill but not slide backwards downhill. Ski touring bindings have detachable heels to facilitate easy walking. Just as ski touring has taken the ski world by storm, so too splitboarding is becoming the hottest trend in snowboarding. A splitboard is a regular snowboard that separates in half to enable you to walk uphill and is reassembled for the ride down. When separated, specially designed pivoting bindings attached only at the toe.  

About La Plagne

As with many ski resorts in the French Alps, La Plagne was created in the early 1960s as the traditional Alpine economic drivers of agriculture and mining began to quiet down.  A far cry from the two drag lifts that launched La Plagne in 1961, today - together with neighbouring resorts Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry - La Plagne is part of the world-famous Paradiski ski area. One of the largest and most popular ski areas in the world, Paradiski includes 425km of skiable pistes stretching from 1200m right up to 3250m at the top of majestic Bellecôte mountain. La Plagne itself is made up of 11 different villages and is home to 225km of pistes available under the less expensive La Plagne (as opposed to Paradiski) lift pass.  It's also home to the only Olympic bobsleigh run in France which was built for the 1992 Albertville Olympics and is still open to the public today! Plagne Centre is where you'll find the most action in terms of shops, restaurants and nightlife, but - being purpose built - it's not the prettiest village in the world. Belle Plagne is, as the name suggests, much prettier and is just a short bus ride away from Centre. Plagne 1800 and Bellecote are right on the slopes with plenty of ski-in, ski-out accommodation, although Bellecote is more apartment blocks than chocolate-box chalets.  On the bright side, Bellecote also has an ice-skating rink and a heated outdoor pool! If you like pretty villages and appreciate a good night's sleep then Plagne 1800, Plagne Villages and Plagne Soleil are your best bets. There are many good ski shops in the different villages in La Plagne so if you don't own your own ski equipment (or don't want to lug it out to resort with you) there are plenty of good options for ski hire in resort.  

La Plagne Resort Map


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